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How do I buy multiple passes and events for my friends and family?

The NOVA Open is striving to improve the overall convention experience this year for attendees by being able to tie attendees to their events which is done through their web accounts. Thus, each person needs a web account. However, when creating accounts, you can use the same e-mail address so that all receipts and transactions are sent to the same place.

Who do I contact if I need help or have questions?

How long can I hold onto an item in my cart in case it sells out?

Events are available only on a first come, first serve basis. That is, you do not own the event ticket until you have gone through Check-Out. It is very possible that an event can sell out while you are still managing your cart, even if you have added the event to your cart. Therefore, if you are concerned about an event selling out, you should purchase it right away. Remember, you can always come back and place another order with the same account.

Where can I see more information about events like dates, times, and rules?

Typically, you can find this at the NOVA Open website. However, within the cart, you can drill down to individual events by clicking first on a Event Category, then clicking on the Event. This screen will show you dates, times, price information, and also provide a useful link to find more information.

I forgot my password!

Click on Login, and then, click on the link about forgotten account information. You will be prompted for an e-mail address that is tied to accounts. Follow the directions you get in the e-mail.

What is the Stored Credit policy?

You can drop events for Store Credit. Events are tickets to an event. They are NOT Passes or Tangible Merchandise (like a t-shirt, SuperNOVA bag, etc.) Non-events are not droppable and are non-refundable. Once you drop an event, you will receive store credit. This credit is good for the current year's NOVA Open and the subsequent year's NOVA Open ONLY. (Meaning you got this year and next year, and that's it!) Credit can only be used to purchase events or physical merchandise but NOT Passes (i.e. Convention Access Pass, SuperNOVA, etc.). If you drop an event DURING the convention itself, credit you receive is only good for THAT convention (not next year). Lastly, credit cannot be used at the on-site convention store for tangible merchandise.

How do I transfer items to another attendee?

Click on the transfer button at the top and follow the instructions. There are some caveats on what is transferable.

What is the transfer policy?

You can transfer events, NOT physical items or passes. The account you are transferring to must already have a Pass of some kind purchased to receive a transfer.

I want to drop out of an event. What do I do?

Click on the event in your purchased items box on the home screem. You will see an orange button on the Event screen allowing you to drop. Once you drop, your will receive a store credit equal to the value of the item.

I bought a day pass, but now I want a convention pass. What do I do?

Simply add the Convention Pass to your cart and then checkout. The Cart will discount your new Convention Pass for the value of the Day Passes you already own. Sweet!

I need a refund due to some uncontrollable circumstances.

The NOVA Open's policy typically disallows refunds. You can drop items from your purchases for store credit, or if you need to contact someone in this regard, please use the contact e-mail above. Some circumstances may warrant a monetary refund, and the NOVA Open will review this on a case by case basis.

When I try to checkout, I'm getting errors that I don't know how to fix!

Please contact, with your name, account name, and a copy/paste of the errors. We'll help!

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