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40k Narrative Warlords - Human

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Join the NOVA 40k Narrative Warlord Councils making strategic decisions for your alliance, and then battle the opposing warlords together with your fellow commanders in the new NOVA 40k Narrative Apocalypse climacticically wrapping up this year's campaign! This year's Warlord role will again focus on overarching strategy, such as choosing campaign objectives and assigning mission priorities. However, this year Warlords will have an increased role in pairings and leading small groups of players to victory. Each day the Warlords will meet briefly at the battlefields in the morning to discuss and make these selections. Then in the evenings will be the traditional council meetings at the NOVA Foundation bar to discuss the day's battles and ready your side's plans for nightfall. Warlords no longer need to commit to playing in all of the Narrative games, and this ticket does not include any games beside the Apocalypse. Please register separately for the other specific Narrative tracks and games in which you wish to participate. Feel free to register for any or all of them, enjoying any combination throughout the weekend of leading your alliance, fighting for it directly, guiding your side's players on on the narrative missions, watching the action, or partaking of other events among NOVA's full slate of games, seminars, vendor booths, and food trucks. That said, in addition to their strategic acumen, Warlords must also be prepared to demonstrate their own mettle on the battlefield! All Warlords will battle together in the Apocalypse mega team battle closing out this year's NOVA Narrative campaign. The coveted Fame and Infamy as well as the overall title of Subjugator of the Worlds will also be based on in-game achievements. Participation in every Narrative game won't be necessary, but don't miss too many if you want to compete for these honors! See the event primer for these scoring mechanics and all other details. Last year's commanders get preferential access to register as a Warlord (this event is password protected for the first two weeks of registration), contact if that's you and you did not get a password.

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  • Price: $10.00
  • Instructor / Organizer: Joe Kopena, Colin Kielick, and Jason Woolf
  • Max Attendees: 8
  • Room: Independence
  • Date(s):
    Fri 8/31/2018 - (Council 1)
    09:30 AM - 10:00 AM
    Fri 8/31/2018 - (Council 2)
    06:00 PM - 07:00 PM
    Sat 9/01/2018 - (Council 3)
    09:30 AM - 10:00 AM
    Sat 9/01/2018 - (Council 4)
    06:00 PM - 07:00 PM
    Sun 9/02/2018 - (Council 5)
    09:30 AM - 10:00 AM

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