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a. SuperNOVA Pass

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150 SuperNOVA Access Passes (SAP) are available ithis year (with 50 of them available for pre-sale. The SAP includes: 4-Day Convention Access Pass (CAP), KR Multicase Bag Choices, Recognition in NOVA Open Annual Guidebooks, Limited Edition NOVA Open SuperNOVA T-Shirt, Limited Edition NOVA Open Beer Mug, Convention Premium Swag plus Unique Swag Tailored to Your Specific Army, Bag Check for Personal Belongings, KR Standard Card Case BOGO (special rules apply), Private Check-In Line, and more. 4th Years choosing card cases will be contacted for special order.

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  • Price: $239.00
  • Instructor / Organizer:
  • Max Attendees: 150
  • Date(s):

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