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Warhammer TV Painting with 'Duncan' Drybrushing

Image for Warhammer TV Painting with 'Duncan' Drybrushing

Drybrushing is often seen as a beginner's method for highlighting, but used properly, this popular technique is invaluable for any level of painter to create textured surfaces on a range of models. In this seminar, you'll learn how to master drybrushing for yourself. You’ll be provided with brushes and paints, as well as a miniature to practice on too. 

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  • Price: $20.00
  • Instructor / Organizer: Duncan Rhodes, Games Workshop
  • Max Attendees: 20
  • Room: Seminar Room 3
  • Date(s):
    Sun 9/01/2019 - (Event)
    01:30 PM - 03:00 PM
  • Instructor
    • Duncan Rhodes
    • Games Workshop
  • Seminar Focus
    • Hobby Painting
  • Seminar Type
    • Demonstration
    • Hands-On
  • Skill Level
    • All

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