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The Art of Acrylic Pouring

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Join Kat Jackson from CK Studios for this "Afternoon Cosmo" class as she shares a fun adventure into the popular art form of Acrylic Pouring. You will be introduced to color theory, how we use paint mediums & their properties, and how to pour your very own abstract art pieces. Kat will share different techniques for achieving fun effects. Acrylic pouring is a popular trending art style that allows for a lot of playing with paint & color to achieve quick results – each a unique & stunning piece of art. We will practice flip cup, dirty pours, drag/pull techniques and more! Each student will have the chance to create at least 2 display art pieces to take home from this event. Fun class notes: This is an afternoon "Cosmopolitan" class, so the price includes this classic drink. One of the joys of acrylic pouring is that it is a messy art form – Kat will provide each student with an apron & recommends wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, you will stand for most of this class. Bring nothing but a smile; all supplies will be provided. All proceeds from this event will go directly to the NOVA Open Charity Foundation in support of their fund raising efforts this year!

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  • Price: $50.00
  • Instructor / Organizer: Kat Jackson
  • Max Attendees: 12
  • Room: Tidewater
  • Date(s):
    Fri 8/30/2019 - (Event)
    03:30 PM - 06:30 PM
  • Instructor
    • Kat Jackson
  • Seminar Focus
    • Display Painting
  • Seminar Type
    • Hands-On
  • Skill Level
    • All

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