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How to use Pigment Powders

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This course will take students through the various methods of applying 'pigment powders' or 'weathering pigments' to models for a range of effects including weathering, rusting, verdigris and soot staining. We'll talk about what makes pigments different to paints and why to use them in certain situations.

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  • Price: $25.00
  • Instructor / Organizer: Dev Sodagar (CK Studios)
  • Max Attendees: 25
  • Room: Conference Theater
  • Date(s):
    Thu 9/03/2020 - (How to use Pigment Powders)
    09:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Instructor
    • Dev Sodagar (CK Studios)
  • Seminar Focus
    • Hobby Painting
  • Seminar Type
    • Hands-On
  • Skill Level
    • Intermediate

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