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Dark Age

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Dark Age Scenario "Into the Machine's Shadow"

Image for Dark Age Scenario "Into the Machine's Shadow"

It's easy to prepare for the horrors of the wastes when you can see your enemy coming, but sometimes you have to take the fight to your foes... and this time, those foes are in the unknown dark of the underground. Tight corridors make it hard to swarm your enemies and the pervasive darkness makes it hard to shoot them. Melee is brutal, bloody, and worst of all, you never know where the enemy is lurking. This scenario is played on a large table with a team of players on either side, and is accessible for players who just finished their Build-and-Play to get some more flavor of the hellish world of Samaria.

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  • Price: $10.00
  • Instructor / Organizer: Daria Winter
  • Max Attendees: 12
  • Date(s):
    Fri 9/01/2017 - (Event)
    02:30 PM - 05:30 PM

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