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Painting a Bust from 0 to 100%

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In this class, Alfonso 'Banshee' Giraldes, a Slayer Sword winner, gold medalist at the World Expo Awards, boxart painter for many companies (Knight Models, Scale 75, Pegaso, Andrea Miniatures, Kabuki studio), and one of the most prolific teachers and artists in last decade will paint a bust in 2 hours will guide you through a the process to paint a bust in 7 hours. At the beginning of the class, Alfonso will define some specific goals for the class after a discussion with the students. Through practical examples Alfonso will guide you in the creation of a bust during the class. as each student works on their bust following certain processes that will be very useful in understanding how to use colors and volumes. The best part, at the end of this seminar you will have the same results as if you were painting a bust for months! Painting should not be boring or slow! SUPPLIES: Students must bring their own bust. A limited quantity of brushes and paints will be provided for in class use; attendees are encouraged to bring their own brushes.

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  • Price: $110.00
  • Instructor / Organizer: Alfonso "Banshee" Giraldes
  • Max Attendees: 15
  • Room: Sem #1: Presidents' Quarters, Roosevelt Room, Third Floor
  • Date(s):
    Fri 8/31/2018 - (Event)
    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
  • Instructor
    • Alfonso "Banshee" Giraldes
  • Seminar Focus
    • Display Painting
  • Seminar Type
    • Hands-On
  • Skill Level
    • All

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